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Who Will Challenge Obama In 2012? - Cleveland Tea Party | Examiner.com

Who Will Challenge Obama In 2012? - Cleveland Tea Party | Examiner.com

Even though we have over a year before we start buzzing about who we will vote for in 2012 there is no shortage of buzz already brewing for the GOP. With conservatives already at odds on who will run, who won’t, and who they will support Team Obama is already I full swing with the start of their grassroots campaigning launched in April.

On the GOP side of things mostly we’ve seen the noise created by Donald Trump pushing President Obama to release his birth certificate. Donald Trump seemed to already be campaigning and has had some success in various polls on the internet. However much to the disappointment of Trump fans on Monday May 16th Trump announced in the lobby of his Trump Tower in New York City that even though he was sure he could win the general election he decided not to run saying that business is his passion not politics.

However Trump isn’t the only one that has made headlines. Recently GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich has caused quite a stir amongst conservatives by making comments that he supports some type of individual mandates in healthcare. At one point he was told by an Iowa voter at an event Gingrich was attending to “get out of here”. On Tuesday the Gingrich camp went on damage control and Newt himself became the only GOP hopeful to sign the “Repeal Obamacare” pledge.


Of course the current winner of numerous polls Ron Paul has announced his bid for the GOP nomination for a third time. Even though Ron Paul has won straw polls before his stance that goes against much of what the GOP stands for makes everyone doubt he has a chance this time around. Ron Paul has a strong center of supporters, but his past bids have proven that his supporters really don’t make a difference in the primaries.

We cannot yet count out people like Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Although Palin hasn’t made an announcement either way her supporters have high hopes and the donation letters she has been sending out might signal an upcoming announcement. Michelle Bachmann is likely to run, yet there is no confirmation from Bachmann herself as of yet.

One thing is for sure President Obama is going full swing with his campaign for re-election which may prove to be a success unless conservatives can rally together behind someone that they can all commonly support. There is little doubt that they are looking for new blood for the GOP with various levels of disgust and mistrust surrounding the “old political guard” of Washington DC.

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