Friday, June 18, 2010

To Hell With The Law! Crucify Hayward!

Over the past few days I have to sit back and wonder what the hell is going on in this country! I mean am I insane? Does anyone see what the hell is going on? I’m talking about the blatant sidestepping of the law on the part of Barrack Insane Obama and the federal government with their actions towards the executive of BP. First and foremost I want to use a saying from Obama…“let me make myself perfectly clear.” The oil spill in the gulf of Mexico was an accident not intentional. It doesn’t matter if BP was negligent in their safety procedures on the deep water drilling platform. It was their operation and they are responsible. They should be responsible for the 11 lives lost. They should take the appropriate steps to not only to stop the leak and clean up the oil ASAP, but be ready to take on the long term clean up of the Gulf. They should be responsible to assure that the economy in the effected states does not collapse due to the spill and that families don’t starve. However the actions of our federal government in this situation makes my blood boil!

Over the past few days I have not seen a president that can offer technical data on how and why the spill happened nor have I seen a president with a valid emergency plan short or long term. Instead I see a president that is using a terrible crisis at the expense of Americans who’s futures are threatened to pass his own agendas of more regulation, more standards…thus leading to more control over the American people. If that wasn’t enough to make a true conservative’s head spin faster than Linda Blair’s in the Exorcist things got even more insane. In true dictatorship fashion Obama and his cronies first strong-armed BP exec Heyward then dragged him on Capital Hill and began to nail him to the cross. I was under the impression that there was due process in this country. That you were guilty until proven innocent. Then why does it seem that Obama and his congressional cronies are playing judge, jury, and executioner with Heyward and BP?

Obama does not have the right to demand any type of slush fund put aside to help those directly! BP should I think it’s the right thing to do, but Obama does not have the right to demand that they take money away from their profits. Now it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that BP is a publicly exchanged corporation which mean s that it has share holder’s. Obama’s actions did not punish Heyward on BP themselves, he has now punished Americans that have invested in BP. He has punished American’s that have their pension funds invested in BP stock. By forcing BP to shell out a year’s worth of it’s profits in a sluch fund which is ultimately going to be overseen by one of his cronies he has single-hand taken money away from countess number of Americans…maybe even you! If the progressives in this country want to give terrorist the rights and privileges that Americans have by giving them the chance to due process then they should do the same for BP. If they have evidence of criminal negligence then they should charge them with a crime. Until then Obama and his followers need to stop trampling on the Constitution and the laws that we hold so dear. How much more will allow this man to do before we rise up and force his impeachment! Obama is guilty of treason and mark my words he will be held accountable for his actions against this great Republic. He forced BP to pay restitution for the oil spill we the American people will have our day in the sun and force him out of office!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've been away...

First and foremost I want to thank all my followers for their patience over the past two months when I was pulled offline. Thanks to my youngest my computer was destroyed and it took awhile to get a new laptop and start everything back up again. Now the show is back online on and I will be blogging again. Our website is also being fine tuned and updated. I am excited to see that in my absence our site numbers have continued to climb! So please stay with me alittle longer and we will be active again on all of our sites. Much has happened in the past two months and I'm ready to blog again! Thanks again guys and gals!