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BARACK FOR BRAZIL!! (Featuring an All-Star Cast)

American Patriot Michael J. Maxim 4/29/11 04/29 by Michael J Maxim | Blog Talk Radio

American Patriot Michael J. Maxim 4/29/11 04/29 by Michael J Maxim | Blog Talk Radio

Listen to tonight's show where we touched base on everything from Patriotism to the Royal Wedding...irresponsible journalists to what is racism...political correctness to socialism...and more...

TEA Party Grassroots Strike Again - "How’s The Hope And Change Working For You?" - Cleveland Tea Party |

TEA Party Grassroots Strike Again - "How’s The Hope And Change Working For You?" - Cleveland Tea Party |

There is a new grassroots movement growing across America involving sticky notes. That’s right conservatives and members of the TEA party have launched a grassroots campaign across the country leaving sticky notes on gas pumps, food shelves, vending machines, and other commonly visited locations Raising awareness about this country’s issues and targeting President Obama’s re-election. Commonly the notes say “How’s that hope and change working for you? Nobama 2012” although photos of various sticky notes have shown they target specifics like gas prices.

Now in Northeast Ohio these sticky notes are popping up in similar locations around the city and its suburbs. It appears that the grassroots campaign gained momentum from a Facebook events page “The Hope and Change Sticky Note campaign” which is scheduled to continue until January 20, 2013.

“Purchase a pad of large sticky notes. Write on each one, "How's that Hope & Change working out for you?" Every time you stop to fill your vehicle with gas, place your sticky note somewhere on the pump before you drive away. DO NOT be destructive in ANY way! Place your sticky note somewhere, so as not to impede the next customer's ability to read the pump's digital readout. “The Facebook page states in its description of the event. “After placing your sticky note, please consider taking a digital picture, then uploading it to our wall. Please tell us in which city and state the picture was taken. This is meant to be a "quiet" protest by our silent majority of Americans, to be served upon this administration!! Thank you all for your support!”


Those participating are encouraged to take photos of their note and post it on Facebook. Users quickly took the campaign one step further from the gas pumps and began placing the notes on just about everything. Facebook users from all over the United States have been posting their photos as well as sharing their ideas for what they put on the sticky notes. The common theme is focusing on the economy and what the current administration has or hasn’t done to help fix the problem.

So far other than maybe upsetting an Obama supporter those participating in the grassroots campaign has done nothing to damage or interfere with businesses or the people in general. In most cases no one knows who has placed the Nobama 2012 Hope and change sticky note, but you can bet our bottom dollar it was a conservative fed up with the direction the country is going.

Continue reading on TEA Party Grassroots Strike Again - "How's The Hope And Change Working For You?" - Cleveland Tea Party |

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YouTube - Black US Patriot Don't Take No Shit off Muslims - Telling it it like is!

YouTube - Black US Patriot Don't Take No Shit off Muslims - Telling it it like is!: ""

S 510 is hissing in the grass | Food Freedom

S 510 is hissing in the grass | Food Freedom

By Steve Green

S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act*, may be the most dangerous bill in the history of the US. It is to our food what the bailout was to our economy, only we can live without money.

“If accepted [S 510] would preclude the public’s right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes. It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one’s choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God.” ~Dr. Shiv Chopra, Canada Health whistleblower

It is similar to what India faced with imposition of the salt tax during British rule, only S 510 extends control over all food in the US, violating the fundamental human right to food.

Monsanto says it has no interest in the bill and would not benefit from it, but Monsanto’s Michael Taylor who gave us rBGH and unregulated genetically modified (GM) organisms, appears to have designed it and is waiting as an appointed Food Czar to the FDA (a position unapproved by Congress) to administer the agency it would create — without judicial review — if it passes. S 510 would give Monsanto unlimited power over all US seed, food supplements, food and farming.


In the 1990s, Bill Clinton introduced HACCP (Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points) purportedly to deal with contamination in the meat industry. Clinton’s HACCP delighted the offending corporate (World Trade Organization “WTO”) meat packers since it allowed them to inspect themselves, eliminated thousands of local food processors (with no history of contamination), and centralized meat into their control. Monsanto promoted HACCP.

In 2008, Hillary Clinton urged a powerful centralized food safety agency as part of her campaign for president. Her advisor was Mark Penn, CEO of Burson Marsteller, a giant PR firm representing Monsanto. Clinton lost, but Clinton friends such as Rosa DeLauro, whose husband’s firm lists Monsanto as a progressive client and globalization as an area of expertise, introduced early versions of S 510.

S 510 fails on moral, social, economic, political, constitutional, and human survival grounds.

1. It puts all US food and all US farms under Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, in the event of contamination or an ill-defined emergency. It resembles the Kissinger Plan.

2. It would end US sovereignty over its own food supply by insisting on compliance with the WTO, thus threatening national security. It would end the Uruguay Round Agreement Act of 1994, which put US sovereignty and US law under perfect protection. Instead, S 510 says:


Nothing in this Act (or an amendment made by this Act) shall be construed in a manner inconsistent with the agreement establishing the World Trade Organization or any other treaty or international agreement to which the United States is a party.

3. It would allow the government, under Maritime Law, to define the introduction of any food into commerce (even direct sales between individuals) as smuggling into “the United States.” Since under that law, the US is a corporate entity and not a location, “entry of food into the US” covers food produced anywhere within the land mass of this country and “entering into” it by virtue of being produced.

4. It imposes Codex Alimentarius on the US, a global system of control over food. It allows the United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO), UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and the WTO to take control of every food on earth and remove access to natural food supplements. Its bizarre history and its expected impact in limiting access to adequate nutrition (while mandating GM food, GM animals, pesticides, hormones, irradiation of food, etc.) threatens all safe and organic food and health itself, since the world knows now it needs vitamins to survive, not just to treat illnesses.

5. It would remove the right to clean, store and thus own seed in the US, putting control of seeds in the hands of Monsanto and other multinationals, threatening US security. See Seeds – How to criminalize them, for more details.

6. It includes NAIS, an animal traceability program that threatens all small farmers and ranchers raising animals. The UN is participating through the WHO, FAO, WTO, and World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) in allowing mass slaughter of even heritage breeds of animals and without proof of disease. Biodiversity in farm animals is being wiped out to substitutegenetically engineered animals on which corporations hold patents. Animal diseases can be falsely declared. S 510 includes the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), despite its corrupt involvement in the H1N1 scandal, which is now said to have been concocted by the corporations.

7. It extends a failed and destructive HACCP to all food, thus threatening to do to all local food production and farming what HACCP did to meat production – put it in corporate hands and worsen food safety.

8. It deconstructs what is left of the American economy. It takes agriculture and food, which are the cornerstone of all economies, out of the hands of the citizenry, and puts them under the total control of multinational corporations influencing the UN, WHO, FAO and WTO, with HHS, and CDC, acting as agents, with Homeland Security as the enforcer. The chance to rebuild the economy based on farming, ranching, gardens, food production, natural health, and all the jobs, tools and connected occupations would be eliminated.

9. It would allow the government to mandate antibiotics, hormones, slaughterhouse waste, pesticides and GMOs. This would industrialize every farm in the US, eliminate local organic farming, greatly increase global warming from increased use of oil-based products and long-distance delivery of foods, and make food even more unsafe. The five items listed — the Five Pillars of Food Safety — are precisely the items in the food supply which are the primary source of its danger.

10. It uses food crimes as the entry into police state power and control. The bill postpones defining all the regulations to be imposed; postpones defining crimes to be punished, postpones defining penalties to be applied. It removes fundamental constitutional protections from all citizens in the country, making them subject to a corporate tribunal with unlimited power and penalties, and without judicial review. It is (similar to C-6 in Canada) the end of Rule of Law in the US.

For further information, watch these videos:

Food Laws – Forcing people to globalize

State Imposed Violence … to snatch resources of ordinary people

Corporate Rule

Reclaiming Economies

Oak snake image at Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park, Florida

Ed. Note: Also see this piece by lawyers: Food Safety: The Worst of Both Bills (HR 2749 and S 510).

* Managers Amendment, August 2010 version, prepared by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

The 'Hope and Change' Sticky Note Campaign (Until Jan. 20th, 2013)

The 'Hope and Change' Sticky Note Campaign (Until Jan. 20th, 2013)

Visit their Facebook Page For More Details by clicking the above link...

****** "America's GAS-ROOTS movement"! ******

Purchase a pad of large sticky notes. Write on each one, "How's that Hope & Change working out for you?" Every time you stop to fill your vehicle with gas, place your sticky note somewhere on the pump before you drive away. DO NOT be destructive in ANY way! Place your sticky note somewhere, so as not to impede the next customer's ability to read the pump's digital readout.

After placing your sticky note, please consider taking a digital picture, then uploading it to our wall. Please tell us in which city and state the picture was taken. This is meant to be a "quiet" protest by our silent majority of Americans, to be served upon this administration!! Thank you all for your support!

*** For media interview requests, please e-mail me at ***

Please Note: This is meant to be an ongoing event! Facebook limits the duration for any event created, to a term of not more than four months. It is my desire that we continue on with this event until Jan. 20th, 2013, when a new President will take his or her's oath of office! Now, plan your trips to the office supply stores, America! We have a message to deliver! GO TEAM!!! LoL

Places to stick your sticky's!
01. The Gym
02. Food Stores, NOT on food items, i.e. packages, boxes,etc. Front edges of shelves only.
03. Gas Stations
04 Doctor's Offices
05. Restrooms, on the toilet, sink, mirror, door, towel dispenser, etc.
06. Self Check Out Machines, right where the change comes out.
07. Hunting Clubs
08. Bars
09. Shopping carts, on the handle, baby seat, etc.
10. Bulletin Boards in stores
11. Red Boxes
12. Leave Fliers in empty shopping carts
13. Your Electric and Water Meters
14. Flea Markets
15. Resort Areas you visit
16 The "Mom and Pop" stores.
17. Your Computer, Bulletin Board, Desk, etc. at work! It will generate some questions.
18. ATM's, where the money comes out.
19. Fast Food Drive, on the order screen.
20. Fast Food Restrooms, on the toilet, sink, mirror, door, towel dispenser, etc.
21. Car Washes
22. Laundry Mats

The Jewish Conspiracy: A Strategic Weapon To Demonize Jews - Canary In The Coal Mine

The Jewish Conspiracy: A Strategic Weapon To Demonize Jews - Canary In The Coal Mine

"The Protocols" – a proven lie and forgery – is important even today because it is being published around the world, with new editions almost every year.

JudgeHadassaBen-IttoWe democratic countries see the masses gathered in the public square and are very sympathetic to the outcry against dictatorships and to the fight for freedom. But I am concerned with the masses in the streets and with the outcome of a brainwashing process that has been going on for such a long time. Lies have been spread around the world as a strategic weapon. Public opinion and public discourse have been polluted, and now the masses are standing up and trying to tell the leaders what to do.

Photo by: Courtesy

If you paid careful attention to what happened in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, you saw the placards of Mubarak with a Star of David on his face. Lara Logan, an American journalist, was sexually molested in the middle of the square and was called a Jew, although she is not Jewish. She does not have to be Jewish. The word “Jew” has become an accepted insult in the public square. A wellknown preacher stood up and talked not about freedom but about the Jews, about what is going to happen to us when the masses take over. So we are rightfully worried.

The democratic societies in the world have sinned for years by ignoring this phenomenon.

After being a judge for many years, I retired to research The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

After six years of research I wrote a book that has now appeared in 10 languages, the most recent one in Arabic.

One of the anecdotes in my book is about a retired agent named Henri Rollin of the French Secret Service, who wrote books about European politics during the 1920s and the 1930s. He was well educated about Russia and, having been a secret agent, he had a lot of information that was not available to others. He had realized the importance of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – maintaining that everything that was happening in Europe, most importantly the infiltration of the Nazis into European politics, was influenced by that document.

He wrote an 800-page book entitled L’apocalypse de Notre Temps, all about how The Protocols had left its imprint on European politics.

The book was published in France on September 3, 1939, and you would think at the beginning of World War II the book would have been completely ignored. However, the Nazis did not ignore the book.

When they conquered France, they banned it, and so it vanished.

Only in 1991 was Rollin’s book republished by a small publisher in France. I see myself as following in Rollin’s footsteps by following the history of The Protocols through the last decade and into the 21st century, and its impact on world politics.

Why is The Protocols – a proven lie and forgery – important today? Because it is being published around the world, with new editions in Arabic almost every year, and in Persian and Turkish. These publications are financed by government money and distributed not only in Arabic-speaking countries, but also to Muslim minorities around the world.

New editions are necessary because the introductions are updated every year. The introductions say if you do not believe that the Jews are really planning to take over the world, look at what is happening in your country and region. Everything that is happening is rooted in The Protocols, an implementation of the “Jewish conspiracy.” If there is a financial crisis, an AIDS or a flu epidemic, a terrorist attack, an upheaval or a catastrophe, one can always point to a chapter or page in The Protocols because it is such a devious document that everything is there. There is a whole detailed plan of how to take over the world.

The Protocols is not only a forgery, it is plagiarism. It was actually written in France in the last decade of the 19th century. During the preparation for the Russian Revolution, Bolshevik cells could not operate openly in Russia, so they were active elsewhere in Europe, including France. A special envoy of the Russian Secret Police was sent to France to uncover the Bolshevik cells. The Russian Secret Service and the Black Hundreds, an ultra-nationalist movement in Russia whose slogan was “Beat the Jews and Save Russia,” were trying to convince the czar that the Jews were behind the Bolshevik Revolution. The czar was already convinced, but they needed proof.

More than 100 years ago, a French woman by the name of Juliette Adam had a salon. In those days women still did not have the right to vote or be elected, but important and educated women who wanted to make a difference established salons. Adam was a very educated woman – an historian, newspaper owner and author – and she had a political salon where many anti- Semites gathered. There is much evidence that the preparations for the Dreyfus trial, which occurred more or less at the same time (in which a French Jewish army officer was wrongly convicted of treason and later exonerated), took place in her salon.

Adam’s husband was the chief of police in Paris, and he collaborated with the Russian envoy sent by the Secret Police, Piotr Rachkowsky, because the French did not like Bolshevik terrorists preparing bombs in small Paris hotels. Rachowsky, who was looking for ways to implicate Jews, was invited to Adam’s salon, where someone told him of a book, which was banned in France but which the salon possessed, that could be turned into something against the Jews.

During the 1860s a French lawyer, Maurice Joly, wanted to arouse the French people against the terrible dictatorial regime of Napoleon the Third.

In his biography he tells how he decided to write a book to describe to the French people the danger they were in. He decided to write an allegory, which was a dialogue between two people in the after-world: Machiavelli and Montesquieu.

Machiavelli would represent the ideas and practices of Napoleon the Third and his terrible regime, while Montesquieu would represent the liberal ideas of the writer. He published it in Brussels because the French would not publish it, and he was arrested, tried and imprisoned. His book was banned.

This book is a pearl of literature.

Machiavelli explains to Montesquieu why the people are dumb and why a dictator is necessary and what tools he can use to take over, to dominate his country and the world.

There are chapters in this book dedicated to each subject – how to take over the police force, how to take over the legal system, how to do away with all the lawyers, how to raise havoc in the labor field, and how to plant bombs in strategic locations. It is a manual on how to dominate the world. The voice of Montesquieu becomes weaker while the voice of Machiavelli becomes stronger, and at the end Montesquieu says, “Oh God, what have you allowed?” He was telling the French people that this was what was happening in France.

Some 60-65 percent of The Protocols is verbatim passages from this book. Chapters were added to make it the Jewish plan to dominate the world. The Protocols was first published in Russia in 1905 by a religious fanatic in a monastery. From there it went around the world. After the revolution, officers of the White Army who fled Russia carried The Protocols with them to convince the world that what happened to the Romanov Dynasty in Russia would happen to them.

The Jewish plan was to topple all the monarchs and governments in Europe.

Between 1919 and 1921, The Protocols was published in every language in the world. Six editions were published in Germany in one year, blaming the Jews for World War I. The Protocols was never translated into Hebrew because we ignored it, thinking it was a bad joke.

The Bern trial of 1934

There was a major trial in Bern, Switzerland, in 1934 after a new Nazi organization started using The Protocols, distributing copies at a public rally. The local Jews, who realized what was happening across the border in Germany, decided to take the Swiss Nazis to trial.

In the introduction to my English book, Lord Chief Justice of England Harry Wolfe wrote that the Bern trial was probably the most important trial ever because in this trial, live witnesses testified in court and described the origins of The Protocols and the use made of this document.

They included the head of the opposition to the czar, historians, politicians and former agents who escaped the revolution and decided to bear witness to this forgery.

The Protocols is not just a libel, it is a political document describing a Jewish criminal conspiracy to dominate the world, and almost the first leader outside Russia who picked it up was Adolf Hitler. As a strategic step, the Nazis decided to use The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as a central part of their ideology, as we know from correspondence between Hitler and Goebbels. A German historian describes in his book how Hitler used The Protocols on the way to the Final Solution, but he had already mentioned it in Mein Kampf. The Nazis were masters of the “Big Lie” and their tactics have been adopted by the Muslim world. The theory is that the bigger the lie, the better success of brainwashing the public.

The Germans established what they called Weltdienst, a center located in Erfurt that spread Nazi ideology and propaganda around the world. The head of Weltdienst was Ulrich Fleischhauer, and Nazi branches or organizations with different names started springing up in every country, fed on Nazi ideology and tactics. At the 1934 Bern trial, the Swiss judge ordered both sides to appoint experts. The Swiss Nazi defendants could not find an expert to testify that The Protocols were an authentic document, so Fleischhauer came to Switzerland to be the expert. When the judge asked him if he was an expert on The Protocols, he said that he was not, but that he was an expert on the Jews.

The Protocols in the US

The Protocols was also published in the United States, where its biggest promoter was Henry Ford, who published 97 excerpts in his newspaper, the Dearborn Independent.

These terrible anti-Semitic articles were then collected in a book called The International Jew. Ford was sued in court by American Jews, and the trial went on for six years (1921-1927). In the end, Ford settled with the Jewish community.

By the way, every trial against The Protocols before the Bern trial ended with a settlement, because the defendants could never prove the document’s authenticity, but when the Nazis came into power they prohibited any settlement in a trial concerning The Protocols, deciding to use courtrooms as a forum to spread Nazi ideology.

In 1964, the US Senate appointed a committee to study The Protocols. In a unanimous report, nine senior senators called The Protocols the hoax of the century and a document endangering America.

Following in the footsteps of The Protocols, one realizes that this fabricated document, first used by the Russian czars, was then used by the communists, later served as a central theme in Nazi propaganda, and has been handed over to the Muslim world.

The Protocols in the Muslim world

The Protocols is a central issue in Arab and Muslim propaganda, even in what we call moderate countries, including countries that made peace with Israel. The Protocols is everywhere, at every Arabic book fair, more in Egypt, less in Jordan. It is in public discourse, in newspapers, even in TV soap operas. It describes world history from beginning to end, including the French Revolution, as part of the Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world. Until the end of World War II, the problem was the Jews, but after the establishment of the State of Israel, the target has become Israel.

The Protocols is a bestseller in all Muslim countries because this is what they have been told over and over again in their media and schoolbooks. When my book was translated into Arabic, the translator and publisher – both graduates of the Hebrew University, one a Christian Arab and the other a Muslim Arab – told me that until they read my book, they had not known that The Protocols was a forgery.

There is no Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world, but there is an anti-Jewish conspiracy.

Using this book against the Jews for 100 years is part of that conspiracy, and everybody who takes part in it is a conspirator against us.

It starts with the Jews, but it does not end with the Jews. The first airplane that was hijacked was an Israeli airplane, and now we line up in every airport for security checks. The danger of contaminating the public discourse with lies is a danger to the whole world.

The writer, author of The Lie That Wouldn’t Die, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (2005), served for 31 years as a judge in all levels of the Israeli courts, including as an acting justice of the Supreme Court. She has also served as an official representative of Israel in various international forums, including UNESCO and the UN General Assembly. She is currently the honorary president of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists. This article is based on her presentation at the Institute for Contemporary Affairs of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs on February 24, 2011.


Obama Makes Tornadoes About Himself: 'I've Never Seen Devastation Like This' - President Obama - Fox Nation

Obama Makes Tornadoes About Himself: 'I've Never Seen Devastation Like This' - President Obama - Fox Nation

By Perry Bacon Jr., Joel Achenbach and William Branigin, Washington Post

President Obama walked through a tornado-ravaged neighborhood in Tuscaloosa on Friday and promised “maximum federal help” to the survivors of a series of deadly twisters that carved paths of destruction and claimed nearly 300 lives in six Southern states.

“I’ve never seen devastation like this,” Obama said as he toured the Alberta section of the city with first ladyMichelle Obama and gazed at crumpled houses, uprooted trees and destroyed cars. “It is heart-breaking.”

The powerful tornadoes left stunned residents literally picking up the pieces Friday, as they sought to salvage what they could in shattered homes from Mississippi to Virginia.

It was the nation’s deadliest natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina — a “tornado outbreak” rarely seen on such a scale.

Wal-Mart brings back gun sales- MSN Money

Wal-Mart brings back gun sales- MSN Money

By Jeff Reeves, editor of

Wal-Mart (WMT) may be the world's biggest retailer, but that doesn't mean it has given up on growing. From planned grocery deliveries to inner-city residents to its recent purchase of a social-media company, there always seems to be something new in store.

The latest news, according to The Wall Street Journal, is that Wal-Mart will reload gun sales by cutting back on electronics floor space to make room for rifles, shotguns and ammunition at hundreds of U.S. stores.

But unlike previous failed efforts and some recent quirky initiatives, the return of guns and ammo is a return to Wal-Mart's roots -- something the company may sorely need.

Before you go making gun sales at Wal-Mart a political issue, remember that the bottom line is always the bottom line for the King of Retail. And that bottom line hasn't been very impressive lately. The company's stock is down slightly over the past 12 months, while the S&P 500 has tacked on 11%. This is no surprise, given seven straight quarters of same-store-sales declines in the U.S.

Wal-Mart stopped selling guns and ammo at most of its U.S. stores five years ago but is now stocking up on firearms and nearly half of its 3,600 U.S. locations. Spin doctors at the corporation claim this is part of a larger focus on "heritage categories" -- fishing rods and bolts of sewing fabric that were cut out of aisles as the discounter tried to appear more upscale.

Upscale obviously didn't work. A few of years ago, Wal-Mart eliminated thousands of items to de-clutter its stores, but it suffered more customer complaints than anything else. In September, managers made an about-face and began restocking the shelves as Wal-Mart added thousands of new products. And just a few weeks ago, it announced an ad campaign in which Wal-Mart reasserts its low-price roots. That, essentially, leaves the company right back where it started a few years ago.

That isn't a very heartening sign for shareholders. After all, businesses are meant to grow and seize more opportunities, not just put it in neutral.

But in Wal-Mart's case, it may be wise to simplify and return to the mission that made this store a retail powerhouse. Sprawling rural and suburban SuperCenters offering guns and ammo and cheap clothes, food and furnishings made the franchise what it is today. Why tinker with the model if it was so darn profitable?

In Wal-Mart's case, a return to previous business success could be the best move, especially after some new ideas that have fallen flat.