Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Light Bulb Options About To Change - Cleveland Tea Party | Examiner.com

Light Bulb Options About To Change - Cleveland Tea Party | Examiner.com

Imagine this if you will…you need to replace a light bulb and realize you don’t have any more. So like the average person you eventually make your way to the store to get some more only to arrive to find out that your usual “incandescent” bulbs are no longer there and your only option cost $50! Yes you read that right $50 American dollars!

As reported by AP the little known, or realized, law passed in 2007 will go into effect next year banning 100 watt “incandescent” light bulbs from being sold or imported in the United States as part of an effort to save energy in the United States. By 2014 all “incandescent” light bulbs will be gone. So in order to comply two leading light bulb manufacturers in the United States has come up with an option for consumers. The LED light bulb which unfortunately has a projected cost of around $50 a bulb.

The costly bulb was unveiled at LightFair trade show this week bringing the “bulb ban” and this costly alternative into light…no pun intended. The problem has been with finding an alternative to the traditional bulb because manufacturers need to come up with a working bulb that can be adapted to older fixture size and technology. This process has been proven to be difficult to master thus causing the cost of the light bulbs to go up.


The LED light bulb will house a collection of the little LED lights in the bulb itself to make it bright enough. Now LED’s tend to last a long time, however their lifespan does decrease under hotter conditions. In this situation the amount of LED’s in the bulb itself has experts concerned that the heat generated and contained may shorten the LED light life considerably.

Other options are being explored as well, but haven’t been proven to be practical as of yet. The only thing for certain is that consumers once they hear about the ban and the cost of the new bulbs will be out in force hording the traditional “incandescent” bulbs off store shelves.

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  1. Not just a price problem with LEDs...

    LEDs - like CFLs before them- have recently been found to have serious home breakage and disposal concerns, having lead, arsenic and toxic vapor content,
    according to University of California (Davis and Irvine) research

    They suggest wearing safety protection when LED breakage occurs and that the bulbs should be recycled.

    They also maintain that there was insufficient product testing
    before LED bulbs came onto the market. There was a law that was supposed to take effect on January 1 that would have mandated such testing, but it was opposed and blocked by industry groups, and has been put on hold...

  2. Oh I agree...I should have also focused on that as well in the article. Thank you for pointing that out for other readers.