Thursday, July 22, 2010

Faith: Our Only Hope!

Recently I did a show that didn’t come off to well technically for me. I think not only did I have some technical problems with the show itself I was almost too emotional about the subject matter. It is something that hits me hard when I think about it because I know deep down in my heart that I am right on this issue. You see the topic I did my show on was the original problem I America…the one that has been going on for far too long and the reason why we are in such turmoil in this country today and that is this country’s attack on religion and it’s lack of faith. You see despite what you may have heard from the Washington Elite and the lamestream media we are a Judea-Christian nation with our traditions, laws, and lives deeply entrenched in Christian faith. If you read anything our Founding Fathers wrote you will see references to God and religion. They strongly believed it was through the grace of God himself that allowed such a nation to be born. In exchange for a free republic we owed him nothing but our respect for his kindness. Today organized religion is targeted by the progressive movement and God has become public enemy number one!
So what do we do now? Well first and foremost we must renew our faith. We need to look deep down into ourselves and become comfortable with who we are and what we believe. We must then drop to our knees and pray for strength, protection from evil, and guidance on how to continue to defend our Republic. If you truly have faith then you will feel his answer without a doubt. I have that’s why I know it will work for you as well. Then we must make decisions with both common sense and our heart. I know what you are thinking right now…you think I’m being foolish, but I’m telling you that it will work. If you truly have faith then you will hear God…not as a voice in your head, but a feeling of being on the right track. The progressive movement needs to destroy our faith. Ultimately they are driven by evil. Evil in the form of power and greed. In order to gain more power and control they must eliminate our faith in what is good. Second what do we have left when we lose our homes, our jobs, and everything we own. We are left with nothing but our faith because that will never be taken from us. Faith gives us strength and allows us to do anything as long as our faith is strong. For example faith helped a group of colonists rise up against tyranny and form a nation and army that defeated the most powerful military force in the world and create a truly free nation. Strong principles, values, and faith in God will save us this time around the trick is getting people to realize something that is so blatantly staring us in the face.
I’m afraid my friends. I’m afraid of our future. The time to strike is almost upon us. The progressives with their Washington cronies continue to attack us, play their race cards, ignore us, and try to control us. Not a day goes by that we don’t see some evidence of just that. You must wake up and see this. I pray that everyone does. This next election in November 2010 will be the turning point. I strongly feel that the conservatives in this country will continue to sit by and wait for this election to see changes in our country…and I mean real change for the good of the Republic. This will not happen. Not all the incumbents that need to go will be removed from office. There will be voting corruption and intimidation. The progressives will pretend to be Jesus and suddenly voters will rise from the dead and cast their ballots for the progressive liberals trying so desperately to hold on to their power. The people that do get in riding the wave of the TEA party movement and manipulating the good common sense of the American people will turn to the dark side so to speak like Scott Brown did before them. We will not see the Congress we expected and with Obama at the helm they will steam roll more freedom stealing bills through and make them laws. Before you know it the good patience of the American people will break and that’s when there will be trouble. At that point what are you going to do? Will you roll over and take what they are doing to you or will you stand with your fellow Americans as the true caretakers of the Republic and fight for your liberties and your freedom? What are you going to do? That is why we must start to renew and strengthen our faith. We have no choice. We must renew our faith and ask ourselves what are we prepared to do in the time of crisis here in America?
I am not promoting violence against our government not one bit…I’m a realist and I see it coming and I’m not going to be caught off guard! To hell with it anymore! Red flag me…tap my phones…put me on your CIA hit list President Obama I don’t care. Why because I am an American and I believe in the idea of freedom! I believe in the idea of America! I have faith that I know that God himself strengthens me and will stand with me as I defend this Republic and secure the futures of my children! I have a message for you President Obama one that I strongly suggest you pass on to your progressive cronies that pull your strings…you have pushed and pushed the American people and now we are stronger than ever and one day we will push back so hard you will have no choice but to run! It’s building up you can almost feel it in the air here in America…patriots we must focus on our inner strength and our faith! Because we will need it soon enough!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Cleveland Conservative’s view point on Lebron James

Okay okay I understand what some of you are thinking. Why am I blogging about this I mean after all it’s not politics and who cares right? Well to those of us that live in Cleveland it was a big deal, but that’s not why I’m writing today. I’m using what has happened to Cleveland sports and Lebron James himself to prove a few points that I think serve as perfect examples to what is going on not only in our nation today, but the world. I’m also talking alittle more specifically about Ohio itself. The issue for me isn’t about James deciding to leave and play for someone else. No that’s fine as a matter of fact that was inevitable to say the least. The issue is how he did it and like it or not it’s a direct example of how principles and values are not the main force behind most Americans making decisions today. See words like loyalty and respect were thrown out in this whole mess. Even though some of the people using those words don’t really know how they apply to the situation they are absolutely correct. Respect is the first one I would like to tackle. He didn’t have enough respect for the fans of this city to thank them on his special he had on ESPN. It wasn’t until a backlash on the net started to happen he came back for another ten minute interview to talk about the fans reactions that he even considered thanking them. Also he planned this with Bosh and Wade for years and didn’t have enough team loyalty to number one still play hard as a Cavs team member and number two be upfront with the organization to say hey I’m not interested in staying. He also broke his many promises when he said in the past he would not give up until he brought a championship to Cleveland. See my friends this is part of the problem today. To many people can easily be influenced by fame, power, money, and glory. We don’t stay true to our core values and principles. It’s the core values and principles that define who we are as individuals. Now James leaving Cleveland for a better situation isn’t any different then the thousands of people each year that are picking up and leaving Ohio. This high profile move should serve as an example that the democratic progressive movement that has controlled Cuyahoga County for the past 20 years has done nothing to solve it’s problems it has just multiplied them. Ohio as a state has been on the wrong path for years and the people of Ohio need to wake up and re-examine it’s leadership. We have the potential to improve our state and the condition it’s in economically, but our elected officials have done nothing but sit on their asses and exploited the system for their own personal gain. NO wonder James ran to Miami…hell I would of too in his situation…just alittle differently. The point is my friends is this. James showed nothing but a lack of character, egotism, and his position as a negative role model to our children by lying to the owners of the Cavs about seriously considering their offer and publicly humiliating Cleveland on a national level. Like it or not Mr. Lebron James you are a role model for kids. It doesn’t matter who you play for, but you still need to be a stand up guy and show the kids you influence that he you should at least try to be a person who cherishes principles and values. It’s because you failed to do just that I am an upset Clevelander and nothing more. Am I disappointed you won’t be wearing a Cavs jersey next year…yeah but if you stayed true to your principles and values I would defend you decision whole heartedly. But man you didn’t you lied, humiliated us, and showed that you were driven by fortune and glory and not what counts. People will not remember your antics on the court as much as they will remember what you stood for off the court. SO in conclusion Mr. James I want to say this to you. Thank you! Thank your for setting an example to the world on the type of person we shouldn’t be. Thank you for pointing out how not to act. That living and making decisions without principles and values will do nothing but hurt yourself and the people who look up to you in the end. Thank you for helping to point out to Ohio how bad things are that even someone as successful as you knows we are on the wrong path and want to get out. Good Luck Lebron James. I hope you achieve your goals in life, but will success be as sweet as it would be if you didn’t give into the greed and power. I don’t think it would be.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day 2010

July 4th is a day of reflection. Lost in the middle of bar-b-ques, friends, family, beer, and explosives is the true meaning of the day. The most important holiday to all Americans have fallen in the category of lost meanings like Christmas and Easter. Like I said it is a day of reflection for all of us that live in this great Republic. It is the day chosen to honor the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers and a celebration of freedom. When Thomas Jefferson reluctantly took upon himself the task of writing what he knew was going to be the most important document I this nation’s history he had only one driving force behind him…that force was liberty. Our Founding Fathers understood the importance of freedom and believed so much in the cause that they sacrificed everything. Those names on the bottom of the Declaration of Independence risked their lives for if the Continental army failed they would all be put to death for treason under the British crown. They were human, they were afraid, and were uncertain of the outcome…but their cause burned deep inside them the strength of the sun. So today reflect on this nation’s history and ask yourself what freedom means to you. After all without freedom we would not have the lives we have now…even through the most difficult times…you may be without a job, or lost your home…you still live free with no master in control of your own destiny. Remember the immortal words of William Wallace “they may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom!”
In these most difficult times with so many enemies of liberty at our gates it is crucial for all of us to once again capture the spirit of patriotism and unite like the men and women of the original 13 colonies did back 1776. I know that at times when you look at the images of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin you may see figures larger than life. Heroes from our history that did what seemed to be the impossible. To not be deceived by the legends of these great Founding Fathers. They were great and achieved great things, however they were human. They did not always want to do the things that the events of the Revolutionary War and the birth of this great Republic forced them to do. They wanted to live their lives peacefully with their families, but the cause of liberty was too great to ignore. We had to be free that was the grand design of God himself…we had to fight tyranny in it’s purest form. Our Founding Fathers were afraid and had doubts…they felt at times that they had an impossible task in front of them, but they had faith and with that faith they accomplished the impossible. They are truly an inspiration to us all.
So on Independence Day 2010 please I implore you to take out a few minutes to give thanks to the Founding Fathers for their sacrifices in the name of liberty. Take time to reflect on what it truly means to be free. Take a few minutes to read the document that started it all…the Declaration of Independence. As free Americans that is the least we can do!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What Ever Happened To the True Meaning Of Independence Day?

July 4th is almost upon us and I can’t help but think that like Christmas the true meaning of Independence Day has been lost. We have been indoctrinated over the years to care more about our family gatherings, cook outs, and blowing things up then taking at least a few minutes out in the day to really give thanks and honor the sacrifices our Founding Fathers made for this country. Many young men gave their lives to fight for freedom after July 4th 1776 the day we declared our independence from England and this day was created as our national holiday to honor that sacrifice. Today it is even harder to find evidence of the true meaning of the holiday. With the current economic state of the nation more and more cities have cancelled their Fourth of July fireworks celebrations. Less families are traveling to get together. Overall it’s sad that a day of such national importance has become the caliber of Labor Day or lesser holidays like that. This is not only a time of celebration for our great Republic it is a time of reflection. We must reflect on the sacrifices our Founding Fathers made for such a great cause. The importance of freedom and liberty was so great that we waged war against the greatest military power on the planet in 1776. So why are so many of us willing to toss our liberties aside like they were nothing to a government that gives us nothing but lies and false hope?
It breaks my heart as well as enrages me as I watch the news and see what our elected officials think they can get away with. Still so many of us have not awakened to see that the precious freedoms our Founding Fathers gave to us are being trampled on. Obama and his Washington progressive cronies are tearing the Constitution to shreds without hesitation. Why can you not see this America? I know so many of you already do, but is it enough to stop them? How far are we willing to go against an enemy like the Washington Elite who will stop at nothing to turn this country into the polar opposite of what it used to be? I wonder will we all have the courage and determination that our Founding Fathers had if we get to that point again in this country?
However this is not the time to worry. It is the time to respect and honor our great American history. To honor the true meaning of Independence Day. I hope all of you join with me this year in taking time out to remember the sacrifices made for this great Republic. Join with me in prayer as we give thanks for our freedoms and ask for the guidance and strength on how to protect it from the clutches of tyranny. Share with your family your thoughts on our history. Give those that died for the creation of this country alittle respect by bringing meaning back to Independence Day!

Family Fun Vacation Through History

Valley Forge

This summer I took my family on a week long trip of fun and history. We started by visiting Valley Forge in Pennsylvania. I strongly feel that our children do not learn enough about our nation’s history in school and as parents it is our role to teach them what our school systems refuse to. Overall the trip was fantastic not only for me, but my children. We walked away from it at the end of the week with great memories and to my surprise they learned more than I expected by listening to the tour guide facts and my ramblings along the way.
The first stop was Valley Forge. This was my first visit to the 9000+ acre park and I have to say it was amazing. Not only could you close your eyes and feel the history imbedded in the grounds it was also amazing landscape. It was almost a spiritual experience for me to say the least. Knowing that I was standing on the grounds of the famous Fort the General Washington used as his winter encampment was bone chilling. Knowing that over 2000 men lost their lives due to exposure and starvation during the long winter months at this very location brought tears to my eyes. The ultimate sacrifices that these men made to fight for the cause of liberty is not truly understood by many Americans today. When you go and stand under the giant memorial arch and look up at the inscriptions it’s hard not to think about these men and their suffering. It was so amazing that words cannot capture the feeling I felt. I mean not only did we spend a few hours walking along a beautiful park we were able to walk the grounds that General George Washington himself walked. We were able to visit the small home which served as his headquarters. I strongly encourage all of you that have the chance and ability to visit such a magical place as this to please do so. It is indescribably one of the best places in our history I have had the honor of visiting.

Independence Hall and Philadelphia

Our second stop was Independence Hall and the surrounding area of Philadelphia. Again another amazing experience to say the least. This area was such a focal point for the early stages of this country one cannot help but feel overwhelmed with the history that surrounds them. You get chills as you look upon the George Washington statue in front of the hall, or gaze upon the Liberty Bell, or even as you look upon the graves of Benjamin Franklin and the 13 signers of the Declaration of Independence buried there. To see the houses on where Betsy Rose created our flag and where Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. Again words cannot describe the feelings you get as you walk the same paths that Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and George Washington walked during the most crucial time in American history. Again I feel that ever American should visit these historical areas for themselves at least

I was fortunate enough to be able to take my family on such a trip. We also ended the week long journey, after stopping for alittle relaxing fun on the beach at Atlantic City, by seeing the sights in Washington DC. I made DC fun for them by making the connection between specific areas to areas seen in movies that they watch like Night at the Museum 2. That really helped heightened the experience. I was told by Christopher that he wants to grow up and make a statue in Washington like the ones we saw. I walked away not only with a renewed sense of patriotism for my country, but also a bonding experience with my children…one I will never forget.