Monday, February 15, 2010

Hopes for 2010

Hello fellow patriots and thanks for stopping by my new blog here at blogger. I have been blogging off and on for awhile on other sites, but now with 2010 in full swing and our government out of control it is time to buckle down and create a weekly blog to go hand in hand with my site and conservative internet radio talk show at to live true to my show tagline. I have claimed that I will lead the new revolution by example and that is fully what I intend to do. At the end of last year and the first part of this year I figured I would set that type of example by running against my current representative in Congress on a platform of patriotism. I am a realist and knew that I wouldn't win, however I did hope to cause enough waves for the media to really take notice. Well due to lack of funding and not really being ready I ended my campaign in January and started a new role as a political activist. I find this more refreshing since I can voice my opinion and not have the pressures of a campaign on my shoulders. Last month we launched the internet radio show which is starting to take off and created our website. All of this at this point are works in progress. They are getting better to say the least. I will be posting many opinion pieces soon with a goal of at least one a week here on the blog and I plan on being actively part of events throughout the year. At this point I need your help to spread the word. Now is the most crucial time in America we have ever faced. Progressives and liberals seek nothing less than to change America into a nanny state where our freedoms are almost non-existent. Spread the word, get involved, and fight the good fight with me!

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