Tuesday, May 31, 2011

U.S. Military Members and Veterans Aren‘t Too Keen on Obama’s Job Performance | The Blaze

U.S. Military Members and Veterans Aren‘t Too Keen on Obama’s Job Performance | The Blaze

This morning, Gallup released new research that shows a deep divide between U.S. military personnel (including veterans) and the general public when it comes to rating President Barack Obama’s job performance. Gallup reports:

Thirty-seven percent of all active-duty military personnel and veterans surveyed approved of the job Obama is doing during the January 2010 to April 2011 time frame. That compares with 48% of nonveterans interviewed during the same period.

This 11-percentage point difference shows a more negative view of the president’s actions while in office among those individuals who have served or who currently serve in the U.S. military. While young members of the military and veterans are the most likely to afford Obama positive approval ratings, there is still a substantial gap between these individuals and their peers in the general public. It was found that 44 percent of young people ages 18 to 29 (veteran or currently active duty) approve of the president’s job performance, with 58 percent of non-military youths stating the same.

Gallup concludes its study as follows:

Americans who currently serve or previously served in the U.S. military are less likely to approve of the job President Obama is doing than are those who have not served in the military, by about 10 percentage points. This approval gap occurs across age groups.

These results come following Joe Klein’s (TIME Magazine) statement that the military’s relationship is better with Obama than it was with Bush. The other day, Klein said the following during an appearance on MSNBC:

I’d say the relationship is pretty good, very, better than it was with Bush because the military hated the fact that he wasn’t really doing the job in Iraq.

Watch Klein’s statements below:

Seems like a pretty bold statement to make. Regardless of what the military thought of Bush, the current commander-in-chief has relatively weak support for his job performance among the nation’s bravest men and women. This isn’t good news for any president, regardless of his (or her) political affiliation.

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