Friday, May 27, 2011

This Week's Guests on The American Patriot

I had three special guests on the show this week and wanted to share the links again with you so you can check out these amazing patriots and veterans...

Jim Brossard:
Jim is the patriot that in 2007 confronted a business owner for flying the Mexican flag over the American flag in protest of how illegals were being arrested in Nevada. The video of the incident is still circulating the internet!

Sgt. Leo Dunson:
Sgt. Dunson is an Iraq War veteran that has turned his talents of poetry and music into Soldier Music giving people a real and unique perspective on life as a soldier before and after they serve!

Sgt. Boone Cutler:
Boone Cutler is the former Psy-Ops Sargent that served in Sadr City Iraq while writing about his experiences. When he returned home he finished his book which has been compared to Charlie Wilson's War. He is also the founder of National Warfighters a unique group that brings all that serve together under one umbrella.

Please take a listen...share the shows...and check out their websites! Thank you to all of them for taking time out to come on the show!

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