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Obama’s True Connection with the Arab Spring Revealed in Yesterday’s Speech

Obama’s True Connection with the Arab Spring Revealed in Yesterday’s Speech


“The dream of a Jewish and democratic state cannot be fulfilled with permanent occupation.” – Barack Hussein Obama 05/19/2011 (that’s funny, I thought Israel already was a state)

There was another overlooked aspect of Obama’s speech yesterday that escaped the notice of nearly everyone, and that is this. By him siding with the Palestinians, who are not a country, and against Israel who is not only a country but supposed to be our strongest and best ally in the Middle East, Obama provided the missing link between the Arab Spring riots, the Muslim Brotherhood and himself. It’s a conspiracy of the highest order, and after his speech, no longer a theory.

All for one and one for all. Brothers until the end.

Receiving his full support

When the riots began starting last year, I noticed a pattern emerging of exactly who Obama would support and how his support was given. It reached an apex in the Egypt riots when he actively and obviously worked to depose a former ally, Hosni Mubarak. And who benefited from that the most? The Muslim Brotherhood.

Why was Neda Soltani's life worth nothing to Obama?

When the dust settled it quickly became clear that far from being a “youth movement for democracy” that it actually was a hostile and corporate takeover of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood and the weight of America contributed by Obama. I thought it funny that none of the main stream media ever commented on the fact that Obama worked so hard in Egypt to bring regime change, but ignored the same struggle in Iran. When Iranian Christian Neda Soltani was murdered in the streets, Obama was silent.

Why was her life worth nothing?

Was it because she was a Christian, or was it because Obama was working in concert with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Muslim Brotherhood?

At the time there was not enough evidence to make a compelling case for my argument that Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood were actually behind the riots of the Arab Spring. That is until his speech yesterday where he threw his full support to Palestine and stabbed Israel in the back. Yesterday, Obama was kind enough to provide all the proof needed to connect the dots.

Bringing a curse upon America

End times author Dr. John McTernan has this to say yesterday about the ramifications of Obama’s actions. “Obama has now brought America directly under the Holy God of Israel’s cross-hairs of judgment. He wants to put Israel in an indefensible position. He is directly challenging the LORD and the authority of God’s word. The terrible thing is the American people voted this man in office knowing his background with a Jew/Israel hating “church”. The church failed to stand up and intercede for the nation. Obama has crossed the line with the LORD. Forcing Israel back to the 1967 borders means dividing Jerusalem.

Please recognize that as Obama was giving this speech, huge sections of America were suffering from record flooding and millions of acres of land are now lost for crops. God is destroying America’s food supply with every weapon He has which includes record droughts, fires, floods, hale, cold, tornado storms and overflowing rains. This not speculation but is a fact that huge amounts of Americans can look out their windows and see. I live in central Pennsylvania in a very rural area. The weather has been so bad that nothing has been planted and it is now May 19. There is no end in sight to the rain. This is happening in state after state. I have already posted this showing how planting is impossible. West of the Mississippi River the nation is suffering from record drought and fires, while east of it is rains and floods. The result is the destruction of America’s food supply. This is ALL happening at the exact time Obama makes his speech bullying Israel to divide the land. Judgment is NOT future, it is NOW. The wrath of the Holy God of Israel is directly hovering over America and now the rest of the world as it comes against His covenant people Israel.” source - Insights

Party like it’s Pre-1967

So Obama’s main push now is to make Israel retreat back to it’s indefensible pre-1967 borders, thus ensuring that when the war comes from the Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood, that the chances of Israel’s defeat, in his mind, will be greater.

“Obama, in a policy speech on Thursday on the “Arab spring” uprisings across the Middle East, laid down his clearest markers yet on the compromises Israel and the Palestinians must make for resolving their decades-old conflict. His position essentially embraces the Palestinian view that the state they seek in the West Bank and Gaza should largely be drawn along the lines that existed before the 1967 war in which Israel captured those territories and East Jerusalem. On the eve of Netanyahu’s visit, it was seen as a message that Obama expects Israel to eventually make big concessions.” source – Yahoo News

The war against Israel

President Obama has shown by his own words and through his own actions that he fully supports the creation of Palestine at the expense of Israel. He has also shown that he is in full support of the Muslim Brotherhood and the ongoing riots across the Middle East. Yesterday, Obama declared himself to be the enemy of Israel, and by doing so has brought and is bringing God’s judgment down upon America. Don’t think so, America?

Just look out your window.

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