Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Israel: The Catalyst for Catastrophe - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com

Israel: The Catalyst for Catastrophe - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com

Over the past year I’ve been keeping one eye on the news watching what has been going on in the Middle East and the diehard followers of Islam. In my mind I was piecing together an obvious, but complex puzzle of what was going on with those that blindly follow Sharia Law in the Muslim faith. Suddenly I saw others talking about the same puzzle all heading toward a scary conclusion. IF left to run amok then these diehard Muslim extremist groups could leads us into major conflicts…I personally say it could lead to a world war.

I know what you might be saying now. I’m paranoid…my tinfoil hat is on too tight! Go ahead and doubt what I am saying, but at this point more of us need to look at the bigger picture here about what is going on and the potential danger it will bring us in our daily lives.

First of all let’s talk about the Islamic uprisings around the globe. We will focus on the Middle East later, but for now let’s look at places like England, France, and the U.S.A. and how Muslim extremist groups are causing civil unrest. Here in America we already have Dearborn Michigan turning into an Islamic town that openly persecutes Christians and quite possibly be enforcing Sharia law over the laws of the United States of America. Is that right? There are other towns in America walking the same path as Dearborn, however Dearborn seems to be the one getting the most press and quite frankly that is not enough. I understand the right to freedom of religion and I’m fine with that. In no way would I want to see the Constitution violated in any way, however what about a specific sect of a religion that blatantly does not respect nor follow the Constitution and the laws of the land, openly intimidates and at times acts out violently against those of other faiths, and calls for the overthrow of our current government? Doesn’t that cross the line and then become treason? We have also seen violent protests and riots in places like France and England as well as other countries. These are not terrorists mind you they are citizens openly defying the countries laws and acting out violently to force others to follow their ways.

Now let’s look at the Middle East and talk about Israel. Israel has been our only solid ally in the Middle East for awhile now. It wasn’t until the Obama Administration has publically turned the country’s back on them that our relationship with them has become shaky at best. Say what you want about Israel…are they perfect? What country is? Even America has done some stupid and questionable things on the global stage just like Israel has done. The fact of the matter is that even though many conflicts have centered around Israel it keeps a balance in a way preventing the entire Middle East and its oil supply out of the hands of Islamic dictators from groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood. At least for now.

Israel is surrounded on all sides and what we saw take place on May 15th, 2011 proves just that. Mubarak bay be gone, but the Muslim Brotherhood will most likely gain power in Egypt. Also look at Syria, Libya, etc. at who is controlling them. All of the governments practically in the Middle East have ties to some Islamic extremist group. Then when you follow the bread crumbs you always seem to end up at Iran’s doorstep….interesting huh?

The thing I find interesting is this. The Middle East for as long as history remembers has always been a region of the world surrounded in conflict in some form. That’s why we have seen various groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood form. Similar beliefs, yet they don’t’ always get along…well now as May 15th proves they seem to have joined forces and not just against Israel, but against all that oppose their way of life. May 15th was just a preview. Towards the end of may the famous Freedom Flotilla II will arrive to bring “aid” to the Gaza Strip. Many of us including Israel know what that means and Israel hasn’t been secretive about what they plan to do. I fear that will be the rally point for these Muslim groups to up rise to “assist” the Palestinians go against Israel. Then other countries will either openly condemn them for attacking Israel or even come to the aid of Israel. Countries like England, France, and America. That’s when it will all boil over. Anyone that opposes the Muslim coalition against Israel will become targets as well. At that point the war on terrorism will have new meaning and I have to ask does our President have the guts and the leadership skills to do the right thing in a situation like that. I seriously doubt that.

We will see…only time will tell if I’m right or I’m paranoid. I hope I’m just paranoid honestly. I want to conclude by asking this…what has Israel done that is so wrong? They received the land for their country legally and were sanctioned by the rest of the world. They have given land and tried to broker a peace with the Palestinians. On May 15th all they did was protect their borders….I mean come on they were armed with machine guns so seriously if they were so evil wouldn’t more than 15 people have been killed? What would you do if someone was on your property throwing stones at you and screaming for your death? We know all too well that the aid the Freedom Flotilla is bringing is not for humanitarian purposes, but to aid in the fight against Israel. This is the real world and the John Lennon vision of everyone living in peace and happiness just isn’t a reality. It’s sad that conflicts like this go on, but we need to open our eyes to the bigger picture. Connect the dots and see the potential danger on the horizon for all of us.

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