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Glenn Beck TV Show (May 19, 2011): U.S. Policy Trouble For Israel

Glenn Beck TV Show (May 19, 2011): U.S. Policy Trouble For Israel

Tonight: Who needs Yasser Arafat when you have the President of the United States saying what he did today in his speech regarding Israel? Something happened today for the first time in history. Glenn believes the President has betrayed one of our strongest allies in Israel. It appears that the President’s policy is to see a two state solution. It appears he wants to divide Israel up, which basically will kill it.

Will Glenn’s pro-Israel event be bad for US foreign policy in the Middle East? That’s the question being asked by US News and World Repor article “Will Glenn Beck’s Israel Rally Hurt U.S. Foreign Policy?”, and we aren’t exactly sure why that is. “If our U.S. policy is to divide the Middle East or not stand with the Jews, yeah. Yep,” Glenn said. “I hope so.”

Tonight’s guest is William Helmreich, CUNY Professor of Sociology and author of “What Was I Thinking?”

For more on the Restoring Courage event which will take place in Jerusalem in August, check out the Facebook page here.

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Why Restoring Courage?

Check out the fantastic article the rest of the media should read on Glenn’s “Restoring Courage” event from the Jerusalem Post:

“In a week filled with drama for Israel and its supporters, there was one event which stands out.

In a Manhattan studio, a popular radio and television host made an announcement on Monday that could be a watershed in the battle for truth.

Speaking to millions of viewers and listeners, Glenn Beck declared that he was organizing “Restoring Courage” – to be held in Jerusalem this August.

he aim is simple: to persuade as many people as possible from all faiths that the time has come to show support for Israel and the Jews.

“I believe I’ve been asked to stand – in Jerusalem,” Beck said, noting that “many in the history of man have had the opportunity to stand with the Jewish people. Time and time again they have had the opportunity, and they have failed. I choose to stand and be counted.”

And just what does standing with Israel have to do with courage? Coming as it does when the Jewish state is under siege in the international arena, and is often unfairly portrayed in the mainstream press, Beck’s message is as refreshing as it is inspiring.

He refuses to be cowed by the elites, many of whom have embraced the Palestinian and Arab narrative regarding the Middle East.

Beck sees through their muddled notions of truth and justice, pointing out their bewildering refusal to recognize the threat to Western civilization posed by Islamic extremism.

And that is what makes the “Restoring Courage” event so important. Though many details have yet to be disclosed, it will clearly be far more than just another rally. It promises to be an expression of faith, a call to defy the prevailing notion that Good and Evil are purely subjective terms.”

Read the full article here

Legalizing anti-semitism?

Not only is this a personal decision, but it seems like this is a very anti-semitic bill. Where are the people standing against this? A religious ceremony could be a criminal offense? Glenn reacts on radio today, and you can read the whole story here

Israel Dates and Venues being announced on Friday’s radio show!

Tomorrow, Glenn will announce the dates and venues for his Israel event. However, many travel agencies are trying to sell travel packages and claim to be endorsed by Glenn. This is not true. Glenn told listeners not to purchase any tickets or packages that claim to be associated with the event.

Glenn will unveil more details on Friday’s radio show, including ticketing and travel partners.

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