Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Fingerprints of Iranian provocation" on rioting Palestinians, says IDF general - National Law Enforcement | Examiner.com

"Fingerprints of Iranian provocation" on rioting Palestinians, says IDF general - National Law Enforcement | Examiner.com

The IDF spokesman blamed Iran for attempting to use Nakba day to ignite conflict in the Middle East. He added that IDF forces are working to prevent damage to security infrastructure and invasion of infiltrators to Israeli territory

The Israeli Defense Force spokesman, Brigadier General Yoav Mordechai , blamed Iran for using the Nakba day events on Sunday (May 15) to incite violent conflicts in the Middle East. Brig. Gen. Mordechai spoke about the riots at the Syrian and Lebanese borders and the Gaza Strip which took place in the early afternoon.

"I see fingerprints of Iranian provocation and an attempt to use Nakba day to create conflict," said Brig. Gen. Mordechai, who mentioned that "when the incidents end, the IDF will consider their long-term ramifications."

The IDF spokesman reported on the incident in the Avivim area at the northern border in the area of the Maroun al-Ras village, where hundreds of Lebanese civilians approached the security fence at the border with Israel. The Lebanese Army failed to control them, he reported.

"When IDF forces recognized the possibility of damage to security infrastructure and even infiltration into Israel, they opened fire. According to Lebanese reports there were between four and eight people injured," he said.

Brig. Gen. Mordechai also mentioned that, "Hundreds of people tried to breach the fence and enter Israel in the Golan Heights region. IDF forces opened fire to stop the infiltrators. Commander of Northern Command sent an update that they were able to successfully thwart the protest at the fence and that we are negotiating to return the infiltrators that entered Israeli territory.

The IDF spokesman also mentioned that Palestinians breached a Hamas roadblock at the Gaza Strip and reached the obsolete Erez crossing. "Here, too, IDF forces worked to prevent infiltration into Israeli territory," he said.

More than 50 tons of weapons that were uncovered onboard the S.S. Victoria cargo vessel last month were produced in Iran, according to a report released by Israel's Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center.

According to the report -- obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police in the United States --the cargo ship was intercepted in the Mediterranean Sea last week by Israel Defense Force naval forces about 200 miles off the Israeli coast. The Liberian-flagged vessel was en route from the Mersin Port in Turkey to the Alexandria Port in Egypt when it was boarded by IDF naval commandos.

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