Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The American Patriot Blog: Memorial Day Series on American Patriot: Michael J. Maxim

Memorial Day Series on American Patriot: Michael J. Maxim

As Americans know…at least they SHOULD all know…Monday May 30th is Memorial Day. ON that day we will do a special Memorial Day celebration that honors those that gave their lives in service for America and those that have served and are still serving in the armed forces. We will also focus on the true meaning of the day…something that seems to have been forgotten. Leading up to the event we have three special guests starting on Wednesday May 25th. The schedule is as follows…

Weds. May 25th Show Time: 11 PM EST Special Guest: Jim Brossard- You may remember him from the video of an incident from 2007 that was circulating the internet again on May 5thwhen a Mexican-American business owner was illegally flying the Mexican flag over the American flag. Although many complained it was Jim that went to the business and removed the American flag by cutting it from the flag with the very knife the army gave him when he served this country. He is a proud veteran and patriot with the guts to stand up for what is right!

Thurs. May 26th Show Time: 11 PM EST Special Guest: Sgt. Leo Dunson-Sgt. Dunson is an army veteran that has taken his experiences serving in Iraq and channeled them through his music. His rap style is aggressive to properly reflect the agressive lifestyle of a combat soldier stationed in the war zone.

Friday May 27th Show Time 11 PM EST Special Guest Boone Cutler-Boone Cutler is a veteran from the Iraq war and a former Sergeant of a Psy-Ops team stationed in Sadr City in Iraq. He wrote his experiences in his book Voodoo in Sadr City which paints a unique look into what Psy-Ops really does. The book is full of emotion that is easily picked up on by the reader. He is also founder of the Warfighter Symposium on Facebook.

Please note the special times of these shows as they are outside our usual 9:30 am schedule. We wanted to bring you the listeners some special and unique guests so we adjusted our schedule to fit their availability. Be sure to spread the word to everyone you know…no one will want to miss these guests! The shows will be done live with phone lines and chat rooms open for listener participation. Remember all shows are also archived so you can listen at your convenience. You can find direct links to the show or visit our blogtalk page directly to set an email reminder of the shows as well as participate in the live chat rooms. The shows will be appearing on our blogtalk page soon!

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