Sunday, March 21, 2010

On the eve before the vote we must pray...

It is the eve before the final house vote on Obamacare, the beginning of socialized medicine in this country, and I can’t help but sit here in a saddened state and wonder how did this all happen and what we will have to do. This country has been torn apart it seems by those progressives that want to change a great free nation into a socialist nation controlled by big government. Ultimately the supports of this health care fiasco have been tricked into thinking that our big government really cares. They cannot see that this bill and the tactics they want to use to pass this bill directly violates the Constitution of the United States thus going against the very heart of freedom. I am scared my friends…I am angry…I am afraid. However at the same time I am fired up more so now than ever before. Before I sat down to write this I just got home spending quality time with my wife and youngest son. Instead of enjoying these rare quiet moments I sat there fighting back the tears and forcing a smile on my face. All I could see is hardships in the future my wife and I would have to face in a nation that will take a turn down a dark path. All I could see is being old and telling my grandchildren about a once great nation that is long gone. All I could see is my children grown and paying for the mistakes our elected officials did years before. I did a show last night with the sole purpose to rally and motivate those fellow patriots that listen to my weekly ranting and raving. If you listen to the show you an hear the distress and confusion I am still feeling. I have not given up hope and faith. These attributes of my character are still strong! I will fight until it is all over and our Republic is once again secure. I mentioned on the show last night a scene from a movie I have watched several times over the past few months. It was the movie The Patriot with Mel Gibson, which was a revolutionary war movie. I’m sure many of you are familiar with it. The scene keeps popping into my mine the one towards the climax when Mel Gibson has the chance to enact his revenge on the British officer that murdered his son. At the same time the line broke and the American soldiers began to flee. At that moment Mel Gibson had to make a choice…be selfish and get his revenge for his son’s death or return to the fight for freedom. He dropped his weapon and ran and grabbed the flag and stood there waving it back and forth screaming “Hold The Line”. At that moment he realized that the cause was greater than any feelings of revenge. That’s where we are my friends. We as patriots must stand up and put aside what we are feeling and grab the flag with both hands and hold the line. We need leaders to set an example and you my friends that really understand must be those leaders. We must hold the line. I know that we have a fight ahead of us and we are going into dark times in our nation’s history, but we cannot sink into despair we must hold that line. I admit my friends I am afraid as I write this, but when I am done I will begin to pray like never before. We all must pray, it is the most powerful tool we have. We must pray to God to help protect this great nation, to help guide those that are in Washington D.C. towards the right path, and most importantly pray for strength…we will need it my friends….we will need it.

Prayer for The Protection of the Republic

Lord, in our lives today we face an uncertain future
A threat to a nation that through your divine grace you created.
It was faith in you that allowed freedom to prevail in our Republic
And it is through you we will find the strength to defend what you have created.
We pray to you oh Lord for guidance to do what is right.
We pray to you for the strength to face the darkness.
We pray to you to help those that are our leaders to make the right choices for us.
It is through your mercy oh Lord that freedom will one again prevail.
Grant us your strength, grant us your love, help our help our nation remain free.

Your friend and fellow patriot,
Michael J. Maxim

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